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100% Replacement Of Main Brand Mechanical Seals

OEM Replacement Seals For All Major Brands

TOPBON SAEAL offers replacement seals for full range of mechanical seals for pumps

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Quick Service For Full Mechanic Seal Stock and Customize

For Mechanical Seal Distributors and Mechanical Seal Repair Service Provider
  • Match your purchasing needs faste
  • Great help to reduce your inventory
  • Improve procurement efficiency and reduce procurement cost
  • Reliable product design
  • Visualization of the whole procurement process

Delivery within 3 days at the fastest

Standard metric sizes are in stock, shipped within 3 days

Non-standard customized products can be shipped within 7 days as soon as possible

Bulk products can be shipped as soon as 25 days


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Inventory products can be viewed in real time after logging inReduce communication and place orders with one click


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From blank firing, grinding, inspection and delivery

All order procedures can be found on the website

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Gain exclusive rights to represent our brand and distribute our products in your designated territory.

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Our efficient manufacturing processes and strategic sourcing enable us to offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

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Access marketing materials, product training, and sales support to effectively promote and sell our products.

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Provide good customer support, including technical consultation, after-sales service and 3 day delivery

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Quick Service For Full Mechanic Seal Stock and Customize

Requirements for Partners

  • Experience: Prior experience in pump or industrial equipment sales is preferred.

  • Network: Strong existing relationships with potential customers in the pump industry.

  • Commitment: Demonstrated commitment to building long-term partnerships and driving business growth.

  • Legal Compliance: Compliance with all relevant regulations and business practices in the Russian market.

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You May Want Know

Replacements For custom Designs Are Available On Request
  • Delivery Time
    TOPBONSEAL has one of the most comprehensive portfolio of component sealing products. There are approximately 3000 product lines in stock. Our modular sealing technology-can quickly configure 10 mi applications. We will check the stocks when the customer is uroent for arrays, enough to meet 60% of engineeringperiod. The fastest delivery time of standard seals is 7 days.
  • How Do We GuaranteeThe Quality?
    Our inspection facility ensures all incoming products conform to specified requirements. Through the sealing ring flatness detection, roughness testing, spring pressure testing and testing equipment, to ensure that each set of mechanical seal is 100% qualified. We also can provide free samples of conventional products according to you needs, to make your purchase more assured.
  • Can We Get Refund For Unqualified Product?
    TOPBONSEAL takes responsibility for changing or refunding for those products with quality problems. 1) Sending the wrong size or material products. 2) Seal face that has chips. 3) Products broken during the delivery. 4) Seal face is not flat. 5)Rubber is rough.
  • How Long Has TOPBON SEAL Been In This Industry?
    TOPBONSEAL has been in this industry for almost 20 years. TOPBON has a comprehensive product portfolio of sealing components. There are more than 3,000 product lines in the inventory. Through our customized mechanical seal production system, more than 30,000 product arrangements can be realized to suit a wide range of pump types and applications.
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