Quick Service For Full Mechanic Seal Stock & Customize

OEM Replacement Mechanical Seals for All Major Brands

Component Seals

TOPBON has one of the most comprehensive component seal product portfolios available. With some 10,000 product lines available from stock. Our modular seal technology – which can be quickly configured in 10 million permutations, is enough to meet 90% of engineering applications.Replacement mechanical seals ofAES,BURGMANN,JOHN CRANE,VULCAN,FLOWSERVE,ROTEN

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OEM Pump Seal

In addition t our standard range of stock seal types, TOPBON also manufactures many thousands of individual seal designs for specific pumps and applications. The most common American and international Pump types and models are shown on our product list.

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Mechanical Seal Spare Parts

TOPBON can supply all spare parts for mechanical seals, such like SIC/SSIC,CAR,TC,METAL PARTS and so on. Our Vendor Managed Inventory(VMI) assures you’ll always have the parts you need. We can keep stock for those specified parts you need, often ready for same day shipping. We maintain the inventory levels according to your need.

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Welcome To TOPBON : A Specialist In The Supply Chain Manage Of Mechanical Seals

Find Products Quickly

TOPBON product quick search system, which allows customers to quickly find corresponding TBMSEAL products through replacement seal brand and OEM pump models, and improve customer procurement efficiency.


Ready To Ship - 7 Days Delivery

TOPBON provides mechanical seal supply chain solutions, the following type of mechanical seals can be deliver within 7 days after you confirmed the order list , even emergency case can be deliver in 1 day .


Mechanical Seals Whole Supply Chain Product Procurement Solutions

A: TOPBON has one of the most comprehensive portfolio of component sealing products. There are approximately 3,000 product lines in stock. Our modular sealing technology-can quickly configure 10 million arrays, enough to meet 60% of engineering applications.

B: TOPBON provides mechanical seals supply chain solutions, can provide a full range of mechanical seals and their accessories procurement services, 100% meets customers' mechanical seal procurement needs.


Exclusive Account Manager Order Tracking

Build a digital production node tracking feedback system on the order delivery date, and turn the "black box" of the whole chain of "evaluation" - "price verification" - "production" - "quality inspection" - "packaging" - "logistics" all into transparency, so as to help customers reduce the risk of delivery delay.


Customized Products, Delivery in 7 Days In Emergency Case.

TOPBON provides mechanical seal non-standard product customization services. Relying on its own strong production system and supplier resources, TBMSEAL can complete the production of non-standards.

Advanced Custom Design
We can also design and manufacture any standard or special mechanical design principle to fit your specific dimensional, equipment and application needs. Our designs eliminate the common faults found in some original industry-standard types through improved design, technology and material quality.Read more
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