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Our focus isn't just on the rapid, cost-effective delivery of new and replacement parts – it’s equally fixed on delivering long-term reliability solutions that exceed even the highest customer expectations.

We don’t see ourselves as a supplier but as a business partner, working alongside customers to deliver added value throughout the supply chain and beyond.

We offer inventory management, engineer call-out, training, water-saving audits and a competitor repair/ replacement program, as well as a range of reliability services through our customer collaboration site-service program.

Our philosophy is simple: we'll do whatever it takes to deliver, wherever and whenever it's needed. Our aim is to consistently exceed expectation and meet even the most complex briefs and challenging lead times. Through continuous investment, unique modular technology and an unparalleled dedication to customer service we aim to constantly exceed expectation.

*Ready To Ship

TOPBON provides mechanical seal supply chain solutions, the following type of mechanical seals can be deliver within 7 days after you confirmed the order list , even emergency case can be deliver in 1 day .

Find Products Quickly

TOPBON Product quick search system , can help customer finding the correct seals from " replacement seal brand " and "OEM pump code ", Improve customer purchasing efficiency

Mechanical Seals Whole Supply Chain Product Procurement Solutions

A: TOPBON has one of the most comprehensive product portfolios of component seals.We have about 3,000 product linesin stock.Our modular seal technology - can be quickly configured with 10 million permutations, enough to meet 60% of engineering applications.

B: TOPBON provides mechanical seal supply chain solutions, can provide a full range of mechanical seals and accessories procurement services, 100% to meet the customer's mechanical seal procurement needs.

Exclusive Account Manager + Order Tracking

Build a digital production node tracking feedback system on the order delivery date, and turn the "black box" of the whole chain of "evaluation" - "price verification" - "production" - "quality inspection" - "packaging" - "logistics" all into transparency, so as to help customers reduce the risk of delivery delay

Customized Products, Delivery in 7 Days In The Emergency Case.

TBMSEAL provides mechanical seal non-standard product customization services. Relying on its own strong production system and supplier resources, TBMSEAL can complete the production of non-standard parts in 7 days

TOPBON Transaction Rights Protection Assistance

keep you away from disputes and trade with peace of mind

Transaction order

The way of guaranteeing quality and delivery.

TOPBON builds digital tracking and feedback system on the order delivery date to turn the invisible“ black box“ of evaluation, price check, production, quality inspection, packaging and logistics of the whole chain into a transparent process, helping customers reduce the risk of delayed delivery.

Communicate logistics methods before shipment.

TOPBON dedicated customer service will communicate with customers about shipping methods and costs.If you have special packaging requirements or wish to change the shipping method after placing an order, please communicate with your dedicated customer service in a timely manner.

How long is the delivery time of the order?
What if there is an urgent situation?

TOPBON has one of the most comprehensive portfolios of component seals, with approximately 3,000 product lines in stock, ensuring that more than 60% of standard models can be shipped within 3-5 days. For non-standard parts, the delivery time varies from 15-30 days depending on the material of the product. In case of urgent demand from customers, TOPBON can produce non-standard parts within 7 days at the earliest, relying on its own strong production system and supplier resources.

Sign for inspection

Inspect the goods in person before signing for receipt

TOPBON will make a detailed packing list before shipment, customers can check whether the goods received are consistent with the order according to the packing list .When signing for the goods, please confirm that the goods are the products ordered, and sign for the goods after checking that the internal and external packaging is intact and the quantity is correct.When you encounter the outer box is broken or missing and so on, please take photos to save the evidence, TOPBON will contact the logistics company to solve the problem.

TOPBON return and exchange policy

In case of broken seal ring, wrong model, size, quantity, etc., TOPBON will return or exchange the goods for you free of charge.

Dedicated customer service will agree with you on the details of the returned goods, after-sales program, shipping method, shipping cost bearer, etc. before the return.

If customers order wrong model, material and quantity due to their own reasons, TOPBON will not be able to return or exchange the goods for free. However, we will ship the correct product to you at the first time according to your demand.

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