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TOPBON - Mechanical Seal Manufacturer

TOPBON is a professional mechanical seal manufacturer and supplier for 20 years
TOPBON has a comprehensive product portfolio of sealing components. There are more than 3,000 product lines in the inventory. Through our customized mechanical seal production system, more than 30,000 product arrangements can be realized to suit a wide range of pump types and applications.

Our mechanical seal supply chain management program can provide 100% solutions for mechanical seal manufacturers and distributors, and one-stop solution to customers' procurement requirements for mechanical seals and various parts.

  • TOPBON is a professional mechanical seal manufacturer

TOPBON Advantage
  • TopBon provides the best price, quality and service in the global market

    We are passionate about our products, our business, our position in the market, and our customer relationships. We are often asked what is the difference between our seals compared to other low-cost alternative manufacturers because sometimes our appearance is similar. The difference is not only the product itself or appearance. It covers all aspects of our business, from our equipment, machinery, systems, and processes to methods, to produce and deliver TopBon sealing products as a high-quality engineering product.

  • Widest Range

    We manufacture and supply all common industry standard Mechanical Seal types and dimensional standards, in addition to providing the largest range of equipment specific Mechanical Seal replacements for all major global pump manufacturers.

  • Quickly search for the required products

    TOPBON has developed a product quickly search system that matches TOPBON product models with major brand models to form a standardized product system, allowing you to find the model you need in the shortest time.

  • Superior Product Quality and Manufacture

    Exceptional design capability combined with a company-wide quality ethos, as well as extensive in-house electronic production and inspection control systems gives us absolute quality, traceability and cost control of our products. This gives you assured consistency of supply, quality and reliability to confidently service your customers.

  • Complete supply chain management allows customers to achieve one-stop shopping for their procurement needs.

    TBMSEAL provides mechanical seal supply chain solutions, can provide a full range of mechanical seals and accessories procurement services, 100% to meet the customer's mechanical seal procurement needs.

  • Check the status of orders and enquiries

    Build a digital production node tracking feedback system on the order delivery date, and turn the "black box" of the whole chain of "evaluation" - "price verification" - "production" - "quality inspection" - "packaging" - "logistics" all into transparency, so as to help customers reduce the risk of delivery delay.

  • Fully stocked and shipped same day

    Over 80,000 mechanical seal product lines are guaranteed to be in stock and shipped the same day. All products are available in real time through our customer portal, allowing you to exceed customer service expectations.

  • Customized services

    We can also design and manufacture any standard or special specification mechanical design principle to meet your specific size, equipment and application needs. And by improving design, technology and materials, our designs eliminate some of the common failures found in the original industry standard types.

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