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Mechanical Seal & Service FAQ

  • TOPBON has a comprehensive product line of sealing components. There are more than 3,000 spare parts in the warehouse. Through our customized mechanical seal production system, more than 30,000 product combinations can be realized to suit a wide range of pump types and applications.

    Service Aspect

    Q1Quick Quotation


    1. TMB SEAL is applied to the replacement mechanical seal of major brands. We provide accurate and fast feedbackIn this table, we have detailed all the seal models of the (AES) brand. You can search for the brand modelCtrl+F, find the corresponding TBM SEAL model,and then send us the relevant information Inquiry, TBM SEAL will quickly provide you with products and services.Please click the link to get more information.http://www.tbmseal.com/comm11/AES-Replacement-Mechanical-Seal.htm

    Q2Find Products Quickly


    1. TOPBON has a system that can find products quickly. In the table sheet as bellow, you can just click the seal that you need according to the type, then you can find the seat what you are looking for at once.More information please click the link http://www.tbmseal.com/products-list.htm

  • TOPBON cares deeply about its customers and wants to offer the best service possible.Through our system online, clients can quickly find the replacement seal and get quotations in a short period.

    Product Aspect

    Q1Quality Guarantee


    1. Our inspection facility ensures all incoming products conform to specified requirements. Through the sealing ring flatness detection, roughness testing, spring pressure testing and testing equipment, to ensure that each set of mechanical seal is 100% qualified. We also can provide free samples of conventional products according to you needs, to make your purchase more assured.

      TBM takes responsibility for changing or refunding for those products with quality problems.

      1) Sending the wrong size or material products.

      2) Seal face that has chips.

      3) Products broken during the delivery.

      4) Seal face is not flat.

      5) Rubber is rough.

    Q2Delivery Guarantee


    1. TBM has more than 3000 spares in stock that can meet 60% of client needs. We will check the stocks when the customer is urgent for some seals so that they can get urgent seals in a short period. The fastest delivery time of standard seals is 7 days.

    Q3Price Guarantee


    1. TBMSEAL provides mechanical seals supply chain solutions, can provide a full range of mechanical seals and their accessories procurement services, 100% meets customers' mechanical seal procurement needs. Thanks to such great sources, TBMSEAL can provide competitive price.

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