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TBL9 Patronen-Gleitringdichtung ersetzt AES CS

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After corrugated plastic has come into the stage of display stand industry,it has been accepted by many countries and industries.It has broken through many limits of traditional cardboard display stand and wooden display stand,and enjoys a lighter weight,longer lifetime,lower average cost,large weight capacity,and more alternative colors to choose.PP corrugated sheet can be designed as all kinds of transportation box,mailbox,display rack,partition,gift boxes,food packing etc.Toughness and hollow sheet can easily be bent and cut it.PP corrugated sheet is applied in sign board,shopwindow displays,pop-up diaplays,exhibition boards,pictures frame backing,digital printing and scereen-printing.PP corrugated sheet can be used in partitions,wall clading,indoor decoration,air conditioning ducts.PP corrugated sheet has multi-coloe,suitable for art design and various pattern box or delicate gift pack.

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