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TB9B PTFE Wedge Mechanical Seal replace AES M02, 1609B, JOHN CRANE 9B, STERLING 290B

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Update Time2019-07-25

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TB9B Mechanical Seal
Replacement to:
Vulcan T109B
John Crane T9B
Aesseal M02 seal
Sterling 290B seal

Operational Conditions:
Temperature: -40℃ to +250℃
Pressure: ≤2.5MPa
Speed: ≤15m/s

Seat Type:

Stationary Ring: Silicon Carbide  Reaction Bonded,Ceramic(Alumina),Silicon Carbide   Sintered Pressureless,Ni-binder Tungsten
Rotary Ring: Antimony Impreg. Carbon Graphite,Resin Impregnated Carbon Graphite(Furan),Silicon Carbide  Reaction Bonded,Silicon Carbide  Sintered Pressureless,Ni-binder Tungsten Carbide                                                                                         
Spring and Metal Parts:Stainless Steel,Stainless Steel ,,Hastelloy C-4 Alloy
Secondary Seal:Pure PTFE

Clean water,
 sewage water
oil and other moderately corrosive fluid


Product Andvantage Overview:
TOPBON can offer high quality products ata competitive price, thanks to the 10 years of experience. A warehouse of 2,000square meters and 20,000 spare parts ready in stock guarantee a delivery timeof 7 days for standard seals. Moreover, TOPBON can also produce mechanicalseals according to customers’ requests. During the years, TOPBON has producedmore than 100 types of non-standard mechanical seals.

4 Quality standards of TOPBON Mechanical Seal :
1) Rubber: the surface should be smoothly, neat, rift, bubble and so on .
2) Metal parts : without burr, drape, rust, seal parts without longitudinal patterning.
3) Seal ring : seal ring face’s flatness ≤0.0006MM , seal ring ‘s surface roughness ≤0.1μm, seal ring  face without crack, scratch,pore and so on.
4) Spring: the surface should be smoothly, without crack, burr .


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