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Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industries face various sealing needs, due to the wide application range, going from wet grain milling, to oil and syrup production, distillation and brewing. Companies must be economically competitive while maintaining product integrity.

Many of our products are designed to meet the strict high-purity requirements of the food and beverage processing sectors.

Our development team deeply focuses on food and beverage to produce innovative materials and products that are required in these sectors.

TB1Full convolution, industrial duty elastomer bellows shaft seal
TB2Multi-purpose, non-pusher elastomer bellows seal available in single, double and balanced arrangements
TB155General duty, elastomer bellows shaft seal; an industry standard with OEMs
TB210Compact, unitized, single-spring elastomer bellows mechanical seal known for durability and performance
TB502Excellent in a wide range of hot-water and mild-chemical duties; designed for confined spaces and limited glands lengths