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Weld metal bellows spring and break mechanical seal leakage

Time : 2019-07-26 Hits : 277
Fracture, spring fracture is also one of the main forms of spring failure. According to the properties of spring load, the working environment and fracture modes are fatigue fracture, stress corrosion cracking and overload fracture.

The cause of fatigue fracture of spring or metal bellows mostly belongs to fatigue crack expansion caused by improper design, material defect, manufacturing and poor working condition. The fatigue crack often result in high stress area, such as the inner surface of the compression spring is broken, often enter the direction angle and 45 degree angle of outer surface and fracture with spring material; metal corrugated pipe fracture often appear in the bellows groove.

Welded metal bellows can produce greater stresses if they are made by defects, such as wave plate spacing, and rupture of these wave plates in some waves. Manufacturing defects are irregular wave plate spacing, wave depth range, and different slice thickness. Install static metal bellows mechanical seals that may be connected to the state and defects at the bearing point due to glands. The defect will also cause stress in the wave plate and rupture.

In many cases, the periodic shrinkage frequency of welded metal bellows is equal to the natural frequency of the sealing device, which may resonate and cause greater stress, leading to early fatigue.