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The preparatory work of mechanical seal is briefly introduced

Time : 2019-07-26 Hits : 222
1. Check the mechanical seal with the design drawings, specifications, all components (especially the sealing surface, auxiliary seal ring) requirements, damage, deformation, cracks and other phenomena, such as a defect, to replace or repair.
2. Check the size, roughness and parallelism of the mechanical seals, and comply with the design requirements.
3. Use small spring mechanical seal, should check the length of the small spring, the same rigidity.
4. Check the momentum, momentum and deviation meet the technical requirements, the seal chamber in accordance with the installation size, the sealing cover and the vertical axis, general requirements: axial channel momentum is not greater than + / - 0.5 mm; axial throwing (rotating seal) is not greater than 0.06 mm; the largest axial deviation is not greater than 0.05 mm; the sealing cover and gasket contact surface is not perpendicular to the center line, allowing 0.03 ~ 0.05 mm.
5. Should be kept clean, especially the rotary ring and static ring, sealing surface and auxiliary sealing surface should be free of impurities, dirt. Clean sheets are not allowed to be cleaned with clean cloth.
6. Use tools to remove packaging elements to prevent mechanical seal damage.