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Mechanical seals new materials and technologies

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1. Liquid seal: With the rapid development of polymer organic synthesis industry, the emergence of liquid sealant for electrostatic sealing; this new technology, often called liquid seal. The principle of liquid seal is the use of liquid sealant adhesion, mobility and monomolecular membrane effect (the larger the film, the greater the tendency of natural recovery), at the appropriate pressure, its work and washing machine the same. Therefore, the use of sealants, also known as liquid gaskets.

2. PTFE Seal: PTFE is a polymer organic compound, before it is sintered into a product called raw materials, soft texture, and single-layer effect. With long-term storage of raw materials known as raw materials can be rolled into a plate. When the use of free to form any joints, as long as there is pressure, they form a uniform ring film plays a role in sealing. As the valve body and the valve cover between the sealing gasket can not remove the valve or gate, forced open the gap, into the raw material into. Press the pressure is small, sticky, also posted flange surface replacement is very convenient. For the tongue and groove flange the most suitable. Teflon, can also be made tubular and rod seal.

3. Metal O-ring: good elasticity, low pressure, good self-tightness, can choose a variety of metal materials, resulting in low temperature, high temperature and strong corrosive media can be adapted.

4.Graphite ring: In the human heart, graphite is brittle material, lack of flexibility and toughness, but after special treatment of graphite, but it is soft and flexible. Therefore, the graphite heat resistance and chemical stability, can be displayed in the gasket material; this gasket clamping force is small, the sealing effect is very good. The graphite belt can be made into a metal belt with a high performance winding gasket. Graphite seal ring and graphite spiral wound gasket appeared a high temperature corrosion-resistant seal a major breakthrough. Such a washing machine, a large number of foreign production and use.