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How to make mechanical seal storage and protection

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A mechanical seal
Mechanical Seal Storage Environmental Conditions
(1) air relative humidity below
(2) temperature at 15 ~ 25 ℃
(3) clean
(4) well ventilated
(5) to avoid direct contact with heat (solar and heat)
(6) ozone and ultraviolet light, halogen lamp or fluorescent lamp), otherwise there will be brittle elastic material risk.
2. Store about 2 to 3 years of mechanical seal containers
(1) The user should check the tightness of the assembly
(2) check whether there is deformation of nature
(3) Before use, check whether the elastic component failure can guarantee its service life cycle.
(4) check the mechanical seal surface flatness to meet the design requirements.
Second, the mechanical seal protection

1. Due to the dynamic ring and static ring seal a lot of brittle cracks, such as accidental impact may cause damage, should take measures to avoid damage to the seal ring. Do not place the sealing surface arbitrarily; generally use a clean fiber braid protection; do not hand and other objects directly with the sealing surface contact; is prohibited in the processing, inspection and installation process to strike the ring.
2. Avoid sealing contact with other liquids to prevent damage. In general, unless there are special provisions, do not touch the rubber seal of mineral oil or other oil seal; prohibit contact with corrosive chemical liquid. Check whether the seal is within the validity period.