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Five ways to solve the leakage of water pump mechanical seal

Time : 2019-07-26 Hits : 388

Pump mechanical seal leakage fault Water Leakage is one of the biggest fault pump failure, so the key components of pump mechanical seal is wearing parts of one of the pump must be able to adapt to the user's need to select the mechanical seal material conveying the liquid medium, the general water pump factory is Viton mechanical seals, some manufacturers are NBR mechanical seals, if the choice of corrosion resistance PTFE mechanical seal material is more serious.

Steps / methods:

The first possible cause of mechanical seal leakage is mechanical seal dynamic and static wear of torus.

There are five reasons for the wear of the static and dynamic ring in mechanical seals:

1. Tight installation. Observe the motion of the mechanical seal ring. If severe combustion occurs, the pattern black and depth mark, the sealing rubber is hardened and loses elasticity. This phenomenon is caused by the installation and fastening. Methods: the installation height was adjusted. The impeller was equipped with a screwdriver, a sliding spring and a strong tension spring. After the reduction and release, the movable distance was up to 2-4mm. 

2. Loose installation. Observe mechanical seal dynamic ring surface, its surface is thin layer, can wipe the surface, almost no wear and tear, this is due to poor assembly caused by spring and spring loss, or cause the motor axial movement.

3. Water bearing particles have less water content. Because of poor water quality, it contains small particles and medium hydrochloride content, forming a mechanical seal, groove surface or strain, annular groove and so on. Method: to improve water pressure or medium and replace mechanical seal.

4. Make water run dry wear. This phenomenon is more common in the entrance valve is installed at the end of the installation of the form of negative pressure air inlet pipe, pump chamber with air pump, high power, high temperature mechanical seal friction can not cool the high-speed operation, inspection, mechanical seal, spring tension normal friction surface charred black rubber, it is difficult to break. Methods: drain the mechanical seal even though the road and air pump chambers are replaced.

5.Cavitation. Cavitation is mainly produced in heat pumps. Because the medium is water, the water temperature is too high and can not generate steam, steam pipe inside into the pump chamber height, this steam cannot be ruled out, resulting in dry grinding dry running mechanical seal failure, the installation of automatic exhaust valve cavitation, the replacement of mechanical seals.